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Be seen and sell all around the World

Every day, RainChecks searches for price savings offered by businesses from most parts of the World and publishes them for the benefit of our visitors 

We will present offers every day but we can't be everywhere.... so, anyone, say a sunglasses shop in Florida, an accountant in London or an oil supplier in Qatar, can submit details of their business, a price savings on a product and contact details to us at

Sometimes a voucher code is required to purchase an offer from a merchant on Rain Checks and other times, anyone can take up the offer.

At, we might earn a small commission from affiliate links.

Anyone can suggest a deal or special offer to us.. Just let us know at There is no charge for submitting suggestions. There is only a fee to a merchant who chooses to promote with us.

When a business approaches us to feature them on or there is a one time only charge of $50 USD to place the showcase on our website. That is right. To feature on or, the total cost is $50 USD payable to us via our PayPal account. The business supplies the details of their offer and we do the publishing.

We will not charge any commission when our advertisers make sales through a paid post.

Merchants can ask us to take down their feature at anytime for no charge.

If changes need to be made later, there is a charge of $5 USD for each change to a page.. not for each change but each change request.

There are two marketing categories of posts on

1. Magazine business marketing features. $50 USD

Unlimited words.
Two images
Links to a business are acceptable.

2. Product or service showcase pages to promote a product

Unlimited words
Five images
Links to a cart or a PayPal Buy Now button are normal.


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