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Find Out How to Choose the Perfect Cat Toys Online

When you bring a cat into your life, you will never be the same again. You learn to appreciate one of the most emotionally intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom. When you come home from work you can expect to be cuddled by the warmest cuddles, but at the same time be prepared to wake at odd hours to feed your cat. In addition, cats know the art of commanding their owners undivided attention. When you welcome a cat into your home, you will need to bond and think about keeping your furry little bundle of pure joy entertained with plenty of cat toys.

Pet parents need to take into consideration a variety of factors when choosing a cat toy. For instance, is the toy simply intended to let your cat have fun or does it have a greater purpose, such as engaging the cat’s natural instincts? In addition, you should also think about whether the toy is age appropriate or not, because some toys will be suitable for kittens and not adult cats and vice versa, while others may be great for both.

Our Tried-&-Tested Tips for Choosing the Right Cat Toys for Any Cat

When you are caring for cats, it’s important to use play time for more than just entertainment but to also focus on the emotional and physical health of your cat. You need to help engage their natural instincts like pouncing, scratching, chasing, and climbing. Engaging the natural instincts of your pet is important because it helps in building your connection with your cat, while at the same time keeps them satisfied and content.

In addition, if you are working full time and are often away from home for prolonged periods of time then you should also consider cat toys that can keep your cat entertained in your absence as well.

What Toy Is Best for a Cat? It’s About Play Style

When choosing the right cat toys, make sure you know what your cat’s play style is. Some cats prefer to hunt around on the ground, while others like to leap up into the air.

At this point you are wondering how do I find out what my cat’s play style is? The answer to this is simpler than you think, present your feline furry little friend a variety of toys — four or five is plenty — and see which ones your cat likes and is interested in. Sometimes their preferences may vary with seasonal changes as cats are more excited during the winter months and slightly docile during the summer or warmer weather.

In addition, think about any cat toys you have bought in the past that your cat has enjoyed. Was there something that they liked to do with the toy or a particular part, like feathers, that they really enjoyed playing with? Remember that every cat has its own unique personality, and you may have to get to know your cat a little better to find the right cat toys. But you can have fun learning together!

Get to Know the Different Cat Toy Types & Benefits

While it’s important to pick cat toys that your puss loves, it’s just as important to give them a variety of toys to choose from. This helps them stay healthy and happy, as well as ensure they don’t get bored with their toys. You can even have a whole stash to swap in and out to keep your cat interested.

Fish Poles, Teasers & Lasers

These cat toys, as the name suggests, usually resemble a fishing pole, and have multiple ribbons or feather attachments at the end. You can hold on to the pole at one end and shake it around to move the feathers or bunch of ribbons. The moving target really entices adult cats and kittens alike. For kittens, this is a great exercise as it helps build the ability to chase, pounce and stalk. You can manage this safely without getting scratched as the bunch of feathers and ribbon at the end of the pole serve as the target.

There are also tons of videos available online on social media platforms showing how cats react to lasers. These feline furry little bundles of joy love following the tiny red light of a laser and will go to any lengths to catch it. Lasers not only help keep cats active but help engage chasing and pouncing instincts in both kittens and adult cats, as well as providing hours of fun to help you bond with your pet cat. Any of these interactive cat toys are necessary to have in your cat’s toy box.

Trees & Tunnels

An interesting fact about cats is that some of them are climbers or tree dwellers while others are bush explorers. What this means is that some of them will enjoy exploring their surroundings by climbing heights while others will like exploring with their feet at ground level. If your cat is a climber or tree dweller, then you should consider investing in a cat tree. It’s a pole with platforms and attachments at different levels from the ground. Try placing it in your living room so that your cat can enjoy the view and explore its kingdom. The best thing is that these are available in a variety of styles and colour schemes to easily match the decor of any living space in the home.

For the bush explorer cat, you should opt for a maze or tunnel that you can place on the ground. Your cat will love getting lost and finding its way out through the tunnels or peeping through the spy holes or little chimneys. These often have little hanging mobiles. as well that cats just love to paw at for hours.

Cardboard boxes and all kinds of canvas shopping bags are the most common and economical recreational option for bush explorer cats. Cats will easily fall asleep in one of these and stay there for hours. Boxes serve as great hiding places too when your cat needs a bit of quiet time.

Mice & Catnip

If you’re wondering what toys do cats love the most, furry mice toys must be top of the list. These toys provide the opportunity to stimulate and satisfy your cat’s hunting and predatory instincts. Cats will run after these and attempt to kill them and offer you the kill as a prize. This is your cat’s way of saying they love you.

Like furry mice, catnip is a must-have in any household with a pet cat. Catnip comes from the mint family, and it stimulates cats neurologically. They may become extremely happy by smelling it or rolling with it. Therefore, cat toys packed with catnip can get your cat excited. The one thing to note about catnip though is that there is no point introducing it to a kitten before the age of three to five months old as they have not developed a sensitivity to catnip. Secondly, only around fifty percent of adult cats develop a sensitivity to this plant, so it’s possible that it may not affect your pet cat at all. However, you may find trying different varieties useful.

Know Which Cat Toys to Avoid

Whenever you introduce a toy to your feline friend, just make sure it is in pristine condition. It should not be breaking or fraying, and there should not be any loose parts. This is an essential precautionary measure to keep choking hazards at bay.

Another important precautionary measure during playtime is to avoid kitten play fighting. This is essential as this teaches your cat that scratching and biting you is play. While it may be cute when they’re a kitten, a bite or scratch from an adult cat can be very painful and even require medical treatment. That’s why it’s best to choose toys that encourage your cat to chase and attack the cat toy, rather than you!

Shop Smart for Cat Toys

The best way to buy cat toys is online. This way you can search a huge range of cat toys, rather than simply what is available in your local pet store. You can also easily access reviews from other cat owners to discover if your cat may like the toy. Plus, you can shop at your convenience!

If you are on the lookout for a one-stop shop for cat toys online, then you should try browsing online pet shops today! You will find a ton of essential cat toys, from interactive options to nip-filled mice. That way you can keep your feline furry little bundle of joy entertained and stimulated easily!



Find Out How to Choose the Perfect Cat Toys Online

When you bring a cat into your life, you will never be the same again. You learn to appreciate one of the most emotionally intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom. When you c...

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