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4 Fitness Apps That You Can Start Using Today

Technology nowadays has been playing a very important part in people’s lives. From being able to purchase anything from groceries to even plane tickets to now people working remotely from home via the internet or even using fitness apps and videos in order to exercise themselves. Apps have definitely made people’s lives easier, with a simple touch on their phones they can have access to the application that they need.


Now fitness apps have made exercise available only at the palm of their hand. People don’t have to go to a physical gym anymore or make excuses for why they couldn't work out, with a fitness app now they have the option to do it whenever or wherever. This goes without mentioning that fitness apps have made the entire exercise experience more personalized for the user, some contain the person’s personal information and there they can track their goals and accomplishments. They can also be personalized according to the person’s needs, for instance if someone only has 30 minutes to work out every day, they can customize their fitness experience through their app.


With the online world being extremely wide, there are tons of apps you will find out there and therefore identifying which ones are the best is very important. For that reason check out for yourself some of the best fitness apps that you can start using today.


1. My Fitness Pal


This app is a quite popular one; it integrates helps you keep a registry of your fitness information as well as it lets you log your food intake. It combines both in order to make you a customized workout program.




Although this is a yoga fitness app, it allows you to practice tons of daily yoga classes, for both beginners and advanced practitioners. It does focus only on yoga, however it still targets tons of fitness practices, like how to strengthen your core or your legs through this type of workout. The great part is that the instructors are professionals and the overall experience you get from this app is great as you can still collect your fitness data of every session in the app.


3. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach


More than a simple fitness app, this is a personal coach in the palm of your hand. Not only does it count your burn calories and register all of your physical activities, but also it creates personalized workouts based on your profile and it pays attention to details of things you need to work more on. In this app you will receive feedback and even get to see and hear videos and audios from professional athletes from all over the world.


4. The 7 Minute Workout


This app is for people that lack time to do a full workout. For those that have busy schedules, this app is a perfect way to include a quick workout throughout your day. This app doesn't require a gym, but you could simply work out with your own body or things that you have at home. You basically select the time you have available and the app plans a workout specifically for that time.

4 Fitness Apps That You Can Start Using Today

Technology nowadays has been playing a very important part in people’s lives. From being able to purchase anything from groceries to even plane tickets to now people workin...

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