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A new drinks brand asking Aussies to ‘drink REEFsponsibly’ with 10 per cent of profits going towards reef regeneration



Say hello to Reeftip Drinks Co. a new kind of Aussie drinks brand. Launching nationwide this week with three delicious spiced rums, our drinks not only taste good but do good! Showcasing the unique flavours of Australia, our grand plans include making some pretty delicious drinks and driving some pretty serious change. Our purpose is bold: to help make great things happen for the Great Barrier Reef.

In partnership with the Coral Nurture Program, 10 per cent of Reeftip Drinks Co. profits will go towards regenerating one of the country’s greatest natural assets – the Great Barrier Reef. With every sip, Reeftip drinkers will be supporting the Coral Nurture Program’s vital and inspiring mission, as they work with nature to enhance coral recovery rates and reef regeneration.

It’s time to grab a drink and lend a hand!

There are multiple ways to help the Reef - in fact, we have a whole range of them! Our spiced rums are blended with locally inspired ingredients that capture the vibrant and unique flavours of Australia. With three to choose from, we invite you to dive into the tropical flavours of Queensland with:

  • Ginger, Lime & Soda – We’ve blended our premium Aussie spiced rum with hints of ginger and lime, and thrown in a dash of sparkling water for a zesty little number. It’s a classic in a can.

  • Pineapple, Lime & Soda – Here’s something a bit different. Our premium spiced rum blended with notes of pineapple, lime and soda.

  • Mango, Coconut & Soda – A tropical and tasty blend with hints of mango and coconut mixed with our spiced rum and a splash of soda water. It feels good to be drinking good and doing good!

Reeftip Drinks Co. was born out of a passion for great drinks and our love for coral reefs. So - just by purchasing a Reeftip you’re donating to reef rehabilitation! Yep, it’s that straightforward.

Together, it’s time to drink REEFsponsibly!

Reeftip Drinks Co. is available in 4-packs of 330ml cans and is on shelves across Australia in all leading liquor stores now. RRP $24.99, 4.5% ABV.

Reeftip is only just getting started – stay tuned for more! 


Reeftip is a new drinks brand located on the southern tip of the Reef. We produce delicious drinks that hero the unique sun-drenched flavours of our land. Every sip of Reeftip is vibrant, flavourful, and inspired by the tastes of home – a product of our Aussie roots.

We didn’t just create Reeftip to make great tasting drinks, we also want to make a difference in our own backyard by helping make great things happen for the Great Barrier Reef. Helping the Reef is an ambition that’s bigger than us though – so we’ve partnered with the Coral Nurture Program. The Coral Nurture Program is a world-first science and tourism partnership to support the growth of new corals. Ten per cent of Reeftip’s profits will support the Coral Nurture Program’s vital and inspiring mission, as they work with nature to enhance coral recovery rates and Reef regeneration.

We also continually strive for a more sustainable supply chain, and are proud that 100 per cent of our wastewater is recycled, no distillery waste goes to landfill, and all our packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

Bottom line is, when you choose Reeftip, you get a great tasting drink, and with the Great Barrier Reef getting a helping hand, you get to do some good too.


Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Bundaberg Rum, Smirnoff, Gordon’s Gin and Tanqueray gin, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys and Don Julio tequila.

Diageo is a global company, and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO). For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice.

In Australia, Diageo is a contributor to DrinkWise, an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting change towards a healthier and safer drinking culture. Visit for more information and the facts about alcohol.

Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.


The Coral Nurture Program is a world-first partnership between Scientists and Tour Operators to boost coral abundance at economically and ecologically high value Great Barrier Reef locations, with the goal to increase the resilience of reefs and reef stakeholders to environmental change.

The Coral Nurture Program’s mission is to increase the resilience of reefs and reef communities to environmental change. Scientists and tour operators work together to boost coral abundance at sites on the Great Barrier Reef which have great ecological and tourism value. The Coral Nurture Program works to boost coral stocks through four unique ways:

  1. Propagation and out-planting of areas where healthy coral cover needs to be boosted or retained, through a special device (Coralclip®) that quickly fixes coral to the reef enabling planting at scales never previously possible.

  2. Building knowledge of coral growth and survival to ensure re-planted coral is resilient to future stress.

  3. Enabling local communities who depend on healthy reefs with new approaches to actively add coral beyond natural recovery rates.

  4. Build knowledge of coral growth and survival across different reef environments to ensure re-planted coral is resilient to future stress, enabling local communities – whose culture and livelihoods depend on healthy reefs – with coral propagation approaches that can be easily adopted into existing ways of life.



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